Tugas Terjemahan

Pupils /students expect/hope teachers to teach. They value lucid exposition, the clear statement of problems, and guidance in their solution. Personal qualities of kindness, sympathy and patience are secondary, appreciated by pupils if they make the teacher more effective in carrying out his primary, intellectual task


At least in our day schools, there appears to be little demand by pupils that teachers shall be friends or temporary mothers and fathers. They are expected to assume an essentially intellectual and instrumental role. This appears to be broadly true for all stages of education from the infants’ school to the university.


Enquiries carried out in England and America over half a century have pointed to this conclusion. At the end of the nineteenth century, Kratz reported an investigation, which showed that schoolchildren demanded first and foremost of their teachers ‘help in study’. In the 1930s, Hollis conducted research with over 8,000 children of different ages in both mixed and single-sex schools: the characteristic of teachers, which they valued most highly, was the ability to explain difficulties patiently.

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