Final Test Sociolinguistics 2009/2010

Please download the final test of Sociolinguistics on the link below! Good Luck.



DAY / DATE       :        SATURDAY / JANUARY 9, 2010


DUE : JANUARY 09, 2010

ESSAY : 500 Words for each number

Students should deliver Final – test assignment personally to the lecturer both the soft copy and the paper, or send it by email to or In your email, please mention: both your name and the subject. The assignments should be submitted by 12 p.m local time on the due date. Remember, you are required to keep an up to date copy of all submitted assignments to safeguard against the loss of work through accident or error.

  • Have a small observation in your campus or other places (hometown)
  • You should have some references, discuss the theory and the implications or findings in your essays

1.  Write a report on the Observation conducted in Amuntai! Refer to the following theory and application: bilingualism, language variation, interference, taboo, euphemism, addresses and politeness.

2.  Khairiansyah is Banjarese. He lives in Banjarmasin. At home with his family and friends, mostly he uses Banjarese for a wide range of topics. When he goes to his campus, English department of FKIP Unlam, he usually speaks Indonesian or English. However, it is only with his lecturers that he uses English when they are talking about academic affairs.

What factors might account for these code choices?

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